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Discover how to quickly and easily fit-out your medical practice and avoid those common & costly pitfalls often discovered too late

AMA Medical Products General Manager Anthony Boyatzis

Anthony Boyatzis, General Manager of AMA Medical Products reveals the Step-by-Step Process that has helped hundreds of medical practices and consultants choose the right products that deliver performance, all while saving thousands of dollars...

"The 'Practice Set-Up Checklist' is a lifesaver. You can gain access to a lifetime of experience and knowledge to help you correctly choose the best-fit medical product solutions for your practice".

6 Steps for Success

From: Anthony Boyatzis - General Manager

Fact: Technology is changing and medical products have evolved. The needs of every practice differs. Having a better understanding rather than simply investing more, means you can have your cake and pay less to eat it. 

Fact: Cost saving and income generation are both influenced by what medical products you decide to purchase. 

Fact: Paying less without compromising diagnostic accuracy is vital. Buying products that deliver accuracy and actually make you money, can be done. Turn a perceived expense into an investment for your practice. 

Dear Doctor, Consultant & Practice Managers,

Building a new practice, expanding an existing practice or simply upgrading existing equipment can be a mighty task – we get that and we can help.

One of the advantages of having helped over 250 medical centres, small hospitals and consultants with their set up, is that we have been confronted with just about every possible product, software, infrastructure and cost challenge that is floating around.

Success leaves clues. We have found that just like a doctor, we prescribe the same ‘medicines’ over and over again to help practices set up for business, ensure smooth operation and become more profitable from the solutions we provide.

  • Most medical businesses struggle with the same things - They all need to know how to....

● Find innovative products

● Discover alternative product solutions that cost less

● Buy the right products for their needs

● Keep expenditure down

● Generate more income from the services they provide

● Deliver high level diagnostic accuracy

● Be equipped to administer the very best patient care

● Attract more patients

● Diversify the range of medical tests and treatments they offer

● Make each patient interaction more profitable

● Build a Brand

● Build a long term, sustainable and profitable medical business

  • Did you know that medical products you buy can influence every one of these factors
  • Are you stuck because there are just so many product solutions available
  • ​Are you wondering why you keep being presented the same products that were 'cutting-edge' 3 and 5 years ago?
  • Did you know that not all medical suppliers are the same?

Now you can find out exactly why!

Three Practice Pitfalls to Avoid

We have found that 3 key factors must be understood before you make any decision to purchase medical products for your practice.....



Is the transaction you are about to make an expense or an investment? Is the brand, model and configuration of that product going to pay for itself and then act as a revenue generating asset while delivering the highest quality diagnostic information you need?



Just because you bought it before it does not mean that it is either suitable or best-fit for your needs right now... and it might just not future proof your practice.



Operating systems and apps that you use regularly, often need an upgrade to deliver optimal performance. Same applies to your medical products supplier. Are they experts? Do they add value? Are they your most trusted adviser when it comes to products? If not it's probably time for an upgrade. 

What People Are Saying 

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“AMA Medical Products are a great team that deliver great service.”

“We shared, and they listened to our vision. They supported that vision directly by providing detailed suggestion, guidance and insights into the medical equipment and products we needed, so we could set up our new medical centres from scratch. They worked on a plan and to a timeline with us. They followed that to a ‘T’ when delivering products, installing and setting them up and then conducting technical training on all equipment.

While all this made the opening of our four Apollo Health sites so seamless, it has been and continues to be the after sales service, support, ongoing training and regular contact from the AMA Medical Products team that is first class.

We order online and we get our products delivered quick and usually the same day. As a group, we are wrapped with the guys at AMA Medical Products.”

Nicole Syriotis
- Clinical Operations Manager

The ‘Secret Sauce’ for More Profit & Happier Patients for You as the Business Owner

Product + Personnel + Patients

To build a great medical practice you must focus on the three key assets of your organisation. By combining product + personnel + patients, profit will follow.

An important point I’d love to raise with you and I hope that you ‘get’: Buying the right products for your practice is not just about saving money. Product are assets. Just like advice, the same rule sometimes applies to the medical products you purchase;

‘The less you pay, the more expensive it can turn out to be’

When you combine Great Products with Great Personnel, you reduce costs, increase revenue and generally improve the culture of your practice….That means more happier people working in and ultimately visiting your practice

It’s crazy to think that choosing wisely your medical products from the outset can influence the success of your medical practice…

Medical Practice Set Up Room
Medical Practice Set Up Reception
Medical Practice Set Up Bench
Medical Practice Set Up Green
Medical Practice Set Up Station
Medical Practice Set Up Beds

If you would like to access medical product checklists and the knowledge, expertise and support to get the best medical products into your practice we would love to help.

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