Electrophysiologists, Cardiologists and Stroke Consultants Now Have Access to a High Quality Diagnostic Solution that Plugs the Monitoring Gap Between 24 Hour Holter and Implantable Loop Recorders 

Whether it is infrequent arrhythmia or Cryptogenic stroke that a patient suffers, the long standing challenge has been gaining access to a viable and cost-effective monitoring solution to cover periods of between 48 hours and three months. The available options are either too short in time, with a low diagnostic yield and low patient compliance (48 Hour Holter Studies) or are invasive and too expensive (Implantable Loop Recorders)

The Perfect Solution

A high quality, dynamic and wearable ECG designed for patient comfort and to monitor patients for longer periods of time


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Nuubo: A New Approach to Cardiac Monitoring

Nuubo’s innovative wireless cardiac monitoring system is available in single-lead and multi-lead versions. The technology consists of three products:

Nuubo - NECG Garment


The electrocardiographic signal is captured by the BlendFix® sensor electrodes

Nuubo - Signal


The signal is registered by the attachable wireless recording device, nECG MINDER

Nuubo - Processing


​Processing of the data is managed by the proprietary software, nECG SUITE

Nuubo fills the continuous ECG recording gap between traditional 24 Hour Holter and Implantable Loop Recorder 

Nuubo The ECG Market Opportunity

The Benefits of Nuubo

Nuubo - Signal Quality

Optimal ECG Quality

Nuubo - Easy To Use

Easy To Use 

Nuubo - Comfort for Patient

Comfortable For Patient

Nuubo - Day to Day Living

Enables Day-To-Day Living Compliance

Nuubo - Sensor Versatility

Sensor Versatility

Nuubo - Pricing

Very Competitive Pricing

Nuubo - Electrodes Comparison

Nuubo for Arrhythmia Management

  • Syncope
  • Palpitations
    • Suspected arrhythmias such as VT’s
      • Atrial Fibrillation Management
      • Arrhythmia in Sport and in lives of Active People


Nuubo Wearable ECG Garments

  • No skin adhesives
  • No wires
  • Cardio Cream to hydrate skin
  • Ability to regulate the wearable pressure
  • Several model options depending on required ECG monitoring time
  • Multiple sizes for Adult and Paediatric patients
  • Remains effective with high level patient exercise or activity
Nuubo Vest
Nuubo Minder

Nuubo Minder 

  • Continuous ECG recorder
  • Register 1 or 3 lead ECG plus accelerometer 
  • Models L3s & L1s register up to 45 days and 75 days
  • Real time cardiac screening via bluetooth
  • 30 minute daily battery charge only
  • 32 battery duration when recording
  • Event marker technology built in
  • Sampling rate at 250 per second 

Nuubo Suite Overview

  • ECG signal processed by Holter or by heart rate 
  • Holter shows QRS Morphology
  • Heart rate shows R-R intervals
  • Displays all ECG data recorded
  • Heart rate, Activity Index included
  • Identifies episodes such as Tachycardia, Bradycardia, AF and Pauses
  • Extensive reporting capability
Nuubo System
Nuubo Benefits

The Benefits of Nuubo 

  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Improved diagnostic yield
  • Reduces need for surgery
  • Low cost diagnostic solution
  • Body position index / accelerometer
  • Up to 60 days of continuous ECG recording

Alternative Technologies

Nuubo: Alternative Technologies Comparison

AMA Medical Products is the exclusive National Distributor of the NUUBO range in Australia and New Zealand

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